Horseback riding Åre

Come to us and experience the lively calmness with our animals in Krok Åre. We have the most fantastic view over Åreskutan and the lake Kallsjön.


We offer a five-day retreat where you can release all your stress in the company with our horses. More info here >>


You can bring your whole family for a few hours in the company with horses, sheep, dogs and cats. The children can enjoy brushing horses, go for a little ride and pet the overly social sheep. Around the fire we make coffe and eat hot dogs with the most wonderful view.


If you would like to come for a lighter hike in our beautiful surrouindings we offer guided hikes with ”fika” and coffee over the fire. If you’d like the company of dogs at the hike we have a few that happily tag along! Read more here >>

Send us a text to request a booking:
Klara: +4670-919 06 03
or Maria: +4670-232 15 52.

When you send the text we want you to include the following answers:


If you want to book a familyday or hiking
(retreats are booked here >>)

Date when you’d like to come

How many persons


If there are any food allergies.


Our vision is being able to live a life with minimal stress for both us humans who live here and also for all the animals we have the pleasure of taking care of. That is happiness for us.

The horses are our co-workers and they always do their best to understand and are willing to get out and have fun.

Our responsibility is to make sure that you, as a guest, can give our horses a good time and at the same time give you the best experience to create the best memories!